International Hotel Consulting Company

IZ Hotels is an international hotel management company, specializing in providing hotel consulting services for independent boutique hotels and resorts . We provide hotel consulting services to a portfolio of unique independent and boutique hotels across the globe. Focussing on the individual character of each property, we turn hotels and resorts into market leaders.

If you feel that you cannot do everything and that there are aspects of your hotel project that you need to improve, but that elude you, we have the solution. We are a company specialized in hotel management and administration, a Hotel Consulting firm that is prepared to offer you the resources you need and attain the hotel improvement that you really want. We are going to show you solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. Let´s begin the journey towards the success of your business together

Hotel Management Consulting Services

As a hotel consulting company, our hospitality business consultants focus on creating high performing hotels through unique hospitality experiences and delivering high quality and personal customer service. We leverage the unique character of independent hotels to achieve high guest satisfaction and online reputation scores.

Hotel Consultant Company

Our team of hotel consultancy experts have extensive international experience in the hotel industry, covering a wide range of areas and services to help you achieve sound financial results and returns with your hotel investment.

Your Global Hotel Consulting Partner

For independent hotels and serviced apartments, time and cost control are constant pressures. Collaborating with us eases those pressures. We build a global team of tailored multilingual sales partners, hospitality marketing specialists and revenue management experts who understand your challenges, and deliver bespoke services that save you time and lower your cost of sales.

Relationship + Experience

Solid Experience

We are real specialists with years of experience in the Hotel Consulting sector, and constantly pursue the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Constant Updating

We stay up-to-date and keep you up-to-date about all the new developments (and opportunities) in the hotel sector that could affect your business.

You Will Work Less

We free you from the burden of time and the workload. You will have the chance to delegate with the assurance of having consummate professionals.

By Your Side Each Day

In order to get your project to where you want it to be, we need to have a thorough knowledge of it while offering specialised support on a daily basis

International Presence

From our headquarters in Germany, we assist international chains and hotel projects all over the world to achieve the success they are looking for.

Leadership From WithIn

You will have the support of an IHCS representative who works within your hotel or resort in order to reach the level you are aiming for.

Hotel Consulting Services
Hotel Asset Management

Maximize returns and improve asset value.

Pre-Opening Services

Our experts make the launch of your new hotel a success story.

Operator Services

Optimize the operations of your hotel and deliver top-rated guest service.

Turnaround Management

We turn distressed hotels into profitable hospitality businesses.

Owner Representative

We provide expert oversight to optimize your hotel investment.

Revenue Management Consulting

With our best practices, we increase the financial results of your hotel.

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