Hotel Asset Management

Understanding what strategies and management practices result in increased cash flow and value is the key to asset management. We will make detailed recommendations on how to improve business performance while evaluating your internal processes against the best the industry can offer. Our approach is always to maximise the value of our client’s interests and to ensure a hotel asset is performing to the best of its ability.

If you feel that you cannot do everything and that there are aspects of your hotel project that you need to improve, but that elude you, we have the solution. We are a company specialized in hotel management and administration, a Hotel Consulting firm that is prepared to offer you the resources you need and attain the hotel improvement that you really want. We are going to show you solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. Let´s begin the journey towards the success of your business together

Asset Management

At IZ Hotels, our expert team of Senior Hotel Asset Managers has worked around the globe for the owners of the main hotel chains, are permanently updating their knowledge with the latest asset management techniques and have a real, objective view of the current challenges of the tourism market.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in hotel financial management, we represent hotel owners interest by offering them optimal Hotel Asset Management services.

Key Services
  • Operational Review / Audit
  • KPI Analysis & Benchmarking
  • F&B & other Department Analysis
  • Optimisation of Sales & Cost Structures
  • Performance & Future Reservation Outlook
  • GOP & EBITDA Display of Lease & Rental Potential
  • Cash Ratios, Debt Positions
  • Strategic FF&E Planning
  • CAPEX Requirements & Investments
  • Support for Owners in Budget Negotiations
  • Operator Search & Selection
Your Global Hotel Consulting Partner

For independent hotels and serviced apartments, time and cost control are constant pressures. Collaborating with us eases those pressures. We build a global team of tailored multilingual sales partners, hospitality marketing specialists and revenue management experts who understand your challenges, and deliver bespoke services that save you time and lower your cost of sales.

Asset Management Services
Monitor the Financial Performance
  • Review of the current performance of the hotel in comparison with the budget and with the previous year.
  • Supervise the budget approval process.
  • Monitor forecasting, balance sheet and on-the-books businesses.
  • Ensure the right balance of day-to-day monitoring and strategic investment advisory.
Capital Expenditure
  • Establish rules on the CapEx process and project approval (e.g. obtain multiple bids).
  • Ensure the right balance between R&M versus CapEx.
  • Monitor budgeting for CapEx and long-term planning.
  • Provide ROI analysis.
  • Guarantee full transparency for the owner.
Revenue Management
  • Unlock access to multi-dimensional internal and benchmark data.
  • Control over rate setting and internet marketing/distribution/social media.
  • Strategic planning, tight supervision of sales and marketing, analysis of market trends, market positioning.
  • Secure full control of the PACE, forecasting and budgeting, room type utilization, flow-through by segment, complimentary room nigh report, geo-stats…
  • Control of channel submission, and reservation cost per channel and other hidden costs.
  • Keep track of the hotel’s sales and marketing targets and supervise the activities.
Operational Reviews
  • Confirm that the owner’s interest has a direct influence on property level operating decisions.
  • Supervise the effectiveness of attracting revenues and cost control.
  • Ensure that the on-going projects are moving along at the property level.
  • Review of external and internal client and staff satisfaction surveys.
  • Evaluate key personnel and request hotel corporate support when necessary (e.g. replacing staff, training, S&M initiatives…).
  • Monitor stock level.
  • Certify that the asset is well looked after.
Advise Ownership on Investment Stratgeies
  • Optimization of hotel investment strategies, high and best use.
  • Annual comparison with the initial investment goals.
  • Modelling discounted cash flow analysis, valuations and hold/sale analyses.
  • Value alternative strategies, such as additional investments or expansion.
Advise Ownership on Management Issues
  • Continuous performance supervision and contractual compliance.
  • Establish communication channels between all stakeholders (e.g. owner, operator, executive team, employees, communities).
  • Transparency: good news or bad news, the owner needs to be informed.
  • Review all major contracts (e.g. retail, consultant bid).
  • Advise on all third-party contracts on behalf of the owner.
  • Protect all owner interests, safeguarding third-party consultants and advisers in terms of property issues.
Franchise / Operator Affiliations
  • Warrant more brand transparency to balance owner versus operator interests.
  • Advise on the initial selection and the appointment of the management company or franchise.
  • Verify the conformity of the hotel management contract.
  • When necessary, support owner with termination of hotel management agreement.
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